Collection  NO machines BY HAND 2011  
Size: 30 cm width by 25 cm hight.
Material: Felt, cotton.

My second collection "NO machines BY HAND" is based on the power and versatility of the material: wool. Felted by hand in one seamless piece. Go to "Nepal 2011" to see the production process in the factory in Nepal.






Collection "Hidden Culture" 2008
Size "Long Bag": 40 cm width, 45 cm hight.
Material: Felt, suède, cotton

My first collection, Hidden Culture, carries one of the auspicious Nepalese and Tibetan symbols known indigenously as Matsya Yugma ( “a pair of fish.”) Images inspired on Tibetan Khampa nomades in traditional clothing are screen printed on cotton inside of the bags.Go to "Nepal 2008" to see the production proces.