Setting up the buddhi label / part time work reception Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy.

2018 - CBK Kamer - Amsterdam.  Dutch designers I handmade products.

2016 - Gather Haarlem. Temporarily pop-up store for independant designers in the former V&D warehouse. Expo, pop-upstore & organisation felt workshops.

2015 GreenOrange Fashion Fair

Fashion Week Downtown- Volkshotel - 

Expo Nepal Contemporary Matters- Haarlem

2014  Masterpeace @ Art Fair Amsterdam. "The Nature of the Beast"

2014 GreenOrange Fashion Fair- Scheepvaart museum

Xiamen,China: Felt workshop in a bag factory for bag designers. 

New fashion shoot for website. 

Pause. From Jan-Oct.

 “Museum for Bags & Purses”. "A new form form for an old craft.'

In Nepal to develop 2nd collection.

Participation craft fair “Meesterlijk Ambacht” I Amsterdam

Design Act I Moscow

Learning the craft. Taking felt workshops from Karin Glaubitz. Developing new collection.

Entrepreneur price contest Bid network. Pitch. Found financer to produce 2nd collection.

Improvement of quality Hidden Culture collection and website.

Month in Nepal to set up collaboration and develop first collection.

CBK Amsterdam I Participation expo I Dutch designers I Handmade products I 2018

CBK Amsterdam I Shop I Dutch designers I Handmade products I 2018 - present

'The Nature of the Beast' I Participation Expo I Gather I Haarlem I 2016


Participation Group exhibition I Nepal Contemporary Matters I Haarlem I 2014 

Applied art from Nepal I Six Dutch makers

Bag/eagle made of felt on commission for the foundation Masterpeace I Art Fair Amsterdam I 2014.    



China - felt workshop Xiamen I 2013
Trip to the mountains. Retired craftsmen working on the old straw weaving technique painted with lacquer.



Fashion Week downtown I Window Fashion store "Be-One" I Amsterdam I 2013.


Expo I The Frozen Fountain I Amsterdam I 2012


Participation @ the green fashion bazaar I July 2012.

Participation 'Meesterlijk'I 2011

Participation 'Design Act' I 2011

Participation Exhibition: Why old fashioned I 2011 I Museum of Bags and Purses

In the exhibition "Why old fashioned?" the museum of bags and purses (Tassenmuseum Hendrikje) shows craftmenship in bags from the past and the present: old techniques are revitalised and developed into new design.